Your Oven NEEDS This Tool!

As many of you know, baking is a science.  The right temperature is crucial for certain ingredients to rise and bake well, so if your temperature is off (especially for finicky desserts like macarons), it can drastically alter and even ruin your baked goods!


oven thermometer

Oven thermometers can help you figure out if your oven runs too hot or too cold.  My home oven actually runs about 25 degrees cooler, which is SO important for me to know so that I can adjust my oven temperature to get perfect desserts every time.

You can get an oven thermometer HERE - I love that this one is under $10!  

What I like to do is preheat my oven to 350 F, and leave my thermometer in the oven, hanging on a rack (the middle should work fine).  After your oven notifies you that it has reached 350, wait about 5 minutes, and then check your thermometer.

Tell me: have you checked your oven temperature yet?  So curious to know if your ovens run cooler like mine too!

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