Sell Baked Goods? Why you NEED a WEBSITE!

why your bakery needs a website

Do you sell baked goods? Yes? Ok. Here’s my next question: Do you have a website?

I recently polled my audience about this and to my surprise, around 80% of you said "no"!

Websites are EXTREMELY important, especially if you're running a business.  So often, we rely solely on social media to market and promote our businesses but guess what?  We don't own our social media followers!  If facebook/instagram crash tomorrow, how will you reach your ideal clients?  

THIS is where websites come in.

Today, I'm talking about my top 3 reasons why you need a website! 

REASON 1: Think of your website as your digital business card.

Your website allows you to market your brand and company in a one stop shop: you’re able to provide information about your flavors, pricing, how best to contact you, etc.

This platform gives you more opportunities to showcase your work and style, which can in turn attract your ideal client.

With social media, you can’t change the background colors, fonts, headers, and so forth, but you CAN with your website! This plays a huge part in your branding and you can stand out from your competition by highlighting your unique qualities and strengths.

REASON 2: Your website gives you CREDIBILITY and makes you come across as a PROFESSIONAL.

When I was planning my wedding, I immediately rejected vendors that had no website. Sounds harsh, but I just didn’t have the time to figure out their pricing, what they offered, and if they’d be a good fit!

Keep in mind that you only have a couple seconds to attract your ideal client and if you’re not providing them an easy way to get to know you and your brand, you’re missing out on a big opportunity.

Websites also give you the chance to show yourself off! You can brag about companies you’ve worked with, publications you’ve been featured in, and most importantly, customer testimonials.

REASON 3: Websites make it EASY for clients to place an ORDER with you!

Especially if you have a questionnaire or a contact form where customers can fill out information - this will save both parties time and this helps create a great client experience even before they get to try your baked goods!

It can be difficult to find a way to contact a company through social media - and since some don’t provide email addresses, if you DM them, it can get filtered through a separate folder and they might not end up reading it at all!

Having a website with a contact form allows clients to contact you directly since the email will go straight to your inbox.


Trust me, I told myself repeatedly “I’m not tech savvy.. it’s too hard” until I stumbled upon Squarespace and realized there are platforms out there where you can literally drag and drop and you don’t need to hire a professional (not sponsored… I just love Squarespace!) There are other platforms out there too such as Wix, so check those sites out and build a website today! No need for coding or anything like that :) Just know that it doesn’t need to be perfect - you can always tweak as you go. DONE is better than perfect.

I hope this post was encouraging and motivating for you! If you have any questions on websites, comment on this post or you can send me an email at

You can watch my video version HERE: