White Chocolate Drip Recipe

Last week I posted a video on Instagram of a cake I made using a white chocolate drip.  Many of you asked for the recipe, and I am so excited to share it!

Drip cakes have become such a popular trend, and I am definitely a huge fan, but getting the right consistency can be difficult.  They can't be too thin or too thick, because they need to be pourable yet still keep their shape.  Everyone has their preference, but for me, I prefer my drips to be on the thicker side and have different lengths going down the cakes.

(I posted a recipe for dark chocolate ganache drips a while back that you can check out here)

Today, I will be sharing the recipe for white chocolate drips.  Keep in mind that I do not use white chocolate chips for these drips; I use candy wafers or melts.  Because the fat ratios are different in baking chips and candy melts, you will not be able to apply the same recipe for dark chocolate drips to white drips.

I have found that the rule of thumb to making white chocolate drips is a 1:3 ratio - heavy cream to chocolate.  

Below is the recipe I use to cover a 6" cake.


  •  90 grams white candy melts/wafers (I prefer to use Guittard or Merckens. Wilton Candy Melts do not work as well!)
  • 30 grams heavy whipping cream

In a heatproof bowl, microwave both ingredients in 15 second intervals, mixing with a spoon in between each round.  This will take 2-3 times until you achieve a perfectly smooth consistency.  Make sure to mix well so that there are no lumps of chocolate.  Let it cool for about a minute before using on your cake.  

To use as a drip, make sure that your cake is smooth and chilled.  You can either pour the ganache on top of your cake and let the excess drip on the sides by pushing it gently with your spoon, or you can drip along the edges of the cake first and then fill in the middle.  

To cover a bigger cake, just increase the ingredients, following the same 1:3 ratio.