3 Ways to SAVE TIME in your business!


Ever wish you had more time in the day to do all your orders and grow your business?

Today I’m sharing 3 simple tips on how you can be more efficient and save time - I know many of you who follow me are running your business by yourself, so today’s advice is especially for you!

1. Have Base Recipes

If you sell cakes, have a base recipe for all of your cake flavors and have a base recipe for your fillings and your frostings. That way you can just make large batches of these base recipes and simply add different flavorings for each offering that you have. This saves you time when you go grocery shopping as well because you don't need to buy or store as many ingredients.

2. Overcommunicate with Your Clients

This means having an FAQs page on your website that answers all of the common questions you usually get, having canned email responses or templates that you can copy and paste on social media or in your inbox. This also helps if you've hired an assistant or VA to help you with your email inbox since this avoids you needing to go in to answer them yourself. This also means creating a very detailed and specific order form so that you don't have to go back and forth communicating and asking questions.

3. Plan Ahead & Stay Organized

This is a no-brainer but so many of us creatives struggle with this! This can be as simple as just sitting down on a Sunday afternoon or evening and looking at the week ahead. Maybe Mondays are your days for answering emails. Tuesdays could be for baking all your cakes. Wednesdays could be making the fillings.

Create a system that helps you understand exactly what you're going to do that day. This also means organizing your inventory - dating them, labeling them - do what you need so that you know exactly what is running low so that you can grab it on your grocery runs. This can look like creating a Google sheet or having a hard copy system to help you know exactly what you have on hand. When you plan out your weeks in advance and really understand how much time you have to do each task, this can help you say “no” to last minute orders.

When it comes to admin work such as answering emails, set a devoted amount of time and only work on that project. Do not multitask. When we multitask, we are not devoting our 100% into that project and this can cause us to be distracted and create something that isn't completely high quality. Even when you're on social media, connecting with your clients or posting something, have a set amount of time so that you don't go down the rabbit hole of mindlessly scrolling through everyone's posts or stories.

Those were 3 simple ways to be more efficient and save some time! Let me know - which tip was your favorite?