When it comes to assembling a layered cake, having the right tools can make your life so much easier.

Today, I'm sharing a list of my 5 essential cake assembly tools.

1. Turn Table 
A turn table is your best friend when it comes to frosting a cake. When frosting, the turn table does most of the work, while your cake smoother is held in one place. This will help create a smooth and even cake.

2. Non-Slip Rug Mat 
When I first started using a turn table, I would stick some tape at the bottom to keep my cake in one place. The bad thing about using tape though, is that it will get stuck to the cardboard round or whatever your cake is placed on, and eventually, it will lose its stickiness!

I have found that using a piece of non-slip rug mat is a great solution because it doesn't ruin your cake board and it helps keep everything still.

3. Spatulas: Rubber and Angled 
A rubber or silicone spatula is my favorite tool to use when handling buttercream or any fillings that you are using for your cake. It's flexible, doesn't have sharp edges so it won't scrape the sides of your bowl, and they are the best tools to use if you need to give your buttercream a good stir or mix.

An angled spatula, also known as an offset spatula, or icing spatula, will help you frost your cakes with ease. The round metal tip helps spread your buttercream evenly, and because it is offset, you have more control with where you frost. There are different sizes depending on how large your cake is.

4. Cake Smoother or Bench Scraper 
This is the secret to having a flawless and smooth finish on your cake. A cake smoother or bench scraper is usually either metal, plastic, or acrylic. You use this to gently scrape off excess buttercream and smooth out your cake.

5. Piping Bag and Tip 
These tools are more optional, but when filling your cakes with frosting, using a piping bag and round tip will ensure that you have the same amount of frosting in between each cake layer. It helps you maintain a level surface to put your next cake layer on top of. You can also use your piping bag to pipe frosting all around your cake, before going in with your cake smoother to even everything out.

These are just the basics, but I hope this helps you with your cake decorating!