How To Measure Flour

Do you know how to measure flour properly?

You might think this is a silly topic - like how to boil water - but measuring flour is a baking staple that many overlook!

When I first started baking, I would stick my measuring cup straight into my container of flour, pack the flour in, then scrape my cup against the side to get rid of any excess.  

This is totally and absolutely NOT the way to measure your flour!  

Too much flour in a cookie or cake recipe can result in a dense or dry crumb.  Nowadays, recipes will have measurements in grams, which is the best and most precise way to measure your ingredients for consistent results, but if you are working with cups, follow these steps to properly measure your flour!

  1. Using a spoon, lightly stir and fluff your flour.  Do this gently so you don't make a mess!
  2. Take spoonfuls of flour and pour it into your measuring cup.  Do this until you have a mound of flour on top of your cup.
  3. Use a knife or another straight edge object to level off your flour.

This rule applies to all types of flour: all purpose, cake, self rising, etc.  Unless a recipe specifies otherwise, make sure that you measure your flour this way to get great results every time!

Check out the video I made below to see a comparison of how much extra flour you're putting into your baked goods when you don't measure it properly!