How to Make Extra Income with Your Bakery


Wondering how you can create some extra streams of income with your bakery? Here are 5 different ways!

  1. Rent out your cake stands

    If you're like me and love collecting cake stands and platters and all of that, make some money off of it. If you like to do weddings or large parties, let your clients know that you have these platters and cake stands available and you can charge them a fee for each one. A lot of clients love this because they don't want to go out and purchase cake stands or rent them from another place so you can become that kind of all in one shop to get desserts and the platters.

  2. Host cake workshops

    This can either be a private one on one workshop or you can do group workshops. I remember I did a fun cake workshop for a bridal party and the bride and all of her friends loved it and you can do this year round either at your client's home or you can find a local venue or if you have a shop that you can do it at, that is even better.

  3. Sell products

    You can sell cake mixes. You can sell baking supplies, you can sell apparel, you can create an ebook or a physical book of your favorite recipes.

  4. Monthly Subscription

    Now, this looks different depending on what you offer in your bakery, but this could be a monthly box filled with random treats that are seasonal or limited edition.

    You can even repurpose your ingredients. For instance, cake scraps. You can make that into cake truffles or a cake pops and include that in the box so that you're not necessarily creating new items, but just transforming something that you already have on hand.

  5. Rent out your shop

    My last tip is if you own a store front or a shop, try renting it out to other local vendors. There are so many people now who are hosting workshops that need a space so you can rent out your space when you're not using it, or you can rent it out while you are using it. And it could be kind of like a win win for both companies. So those are five different ways on how to create extra streams of income for your bakery. If you like this video, click like hit subscribe. Don't forget to check out all my other tips listed below.

Have you tried out any of these methods? Let me know below!

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