Chocolate Ganache Drip Tutorial


One of my favorite cake trends and styles is the chocolate ganache drip.  From dark chocolate to colored chocolate, they add such a unique and whimsical element to cakes, and they are really fun to do!

To make the ganache, all you need is 1/3 cup of chocolate chips and 1/4 cup heavy cream.  Microwave in 15 second increments about 2-3 times, stirring in between until everything is smooth.

Tip: Before you add your ganache drips to your cake, make sure your cake is chilled in the refrigerator.  The coldness of the cake will help the chocolate drips from running all the way down.

The most important step in making ganache drips is the consistency of your ganache.  If you prefer thin drips that go all the way down the sides of the cake, you can use it pretty quickly after you microwave and melt the ganache.  If you prefer thicker drips (like me), you'll have to wait a couple minutes for the ganache to cool down and thicken.  Test the consistency by taking a spoonful of ganache and letting it drip into your bowl.  See how it flows, and how thick or thin the drip is.

If you’re not exactly sure what the consistency will be like on your cake, use a spoon to drip just a bit of ganache on the edge of your cake.  See how it flows down, and take note of the thickness or thinness of the ganache.  If you’re pleased with it, continue going around the edge of the entire cake.  It’s important to do this quickly before the ganache sets.  

I like to make drips that are different lengths, adding more ganache to one drip, then just a little on the next drip.  You can control this with your spoon, and add more ganache if necessary.

When you're finished with the drips, fill in the middle of the cake with your ganache, blending it with the edges as smooth as possible.  

(If you notice that the top is not as smooth and blended with the rest of the ganache because part of it has set already, use a blowdryer or a blow torch and aim it on top of the cake, allowing the heat to melt the ganache and smooth it out.)

This is just one method of applying ganache drips.  There are many different ways, but this is what I prefer.  Feel free to try out other methods and use what works best for you!

Alternate methods:

1.  Pour the ganache straight on top of the cake, then use an angled spatula or spoon to spread it carefully to the edges.  You just have to make sure you don't pour too much on top of the cake, because it could end up covering the entire cake!

2.  Put your ganache into a ziplock bag and snip a small corner, or use a plastic squeeze bottle.  Then you can either squeeze drips on the edge first, or cover the top first, then move down to the edges of the cake.