Easy Macaron Design with Candy Melts!

Blue Macaron Design

Decorating macarons does not have to be complicated!  I’m sharing a simple design today made with candy melts and sprinkles.

I used Wilton candy melts in two different shades of blue: Royal Blue and Blue. In microwave safe bowls, heat each color separately until smooth.  I did 30 second intervals, twice.  

You can then pour this into a parchment cone, which is best for chocolate, but I wanted to keep this as easy as possible, so I used ziplock bags and just snipped off a tiny piece from the corner.

Lay your macarons on a piece of parchment paper.  This will help make clean up easier after! I worked with macarons that were filled already.

Taking one color at a time, drizzle a small amount of chocolate on one edge of the macaron.  Then take the other color and repeat.  You can leave this as is, or you can add some blue sprinkles for an extra touch.  

The most important thing to note is that if you want to add sprinkles, you must add them quickly to the macarons before the chocolate hardens. 

The beauty of this design is that you don’t need to be perfect!  I personally think it looks better when it’s a little messy.

Some tips:

  • Like I mentioned before, work quickly!  Chocolate hardens and you want your sprinkles to stick.
  • If you are adding sprinkles, only pipe your chocolate to around 5-10 macarons at a time to avoid them hardening quickly.
  • If your chocolate in your ziplock bag is starting to harden, place it in a bowl of warm water, but just make sure not to let any water seep into the bag! So avoid putting your snipped off corner into the water.
  • Don't work with super cold or frozen macarons because this makes the candy melts harden faster.
  • Instead of sprinkles, you can try using crushed freeze dried fruit as well.