My Favorite Birthday Freebies!

best places to get free stuff on your birthday

Hi!  Today I thought I'd do a little something different and share my favorite places where I get free goodies on my birthday!  Many of you expressed interest in this, so I guess you love free stuff as much as me :)

  1. Anthropologie: 15% off total.  This isn't the best deal out there, since they often have 25% or more off your total purchase, but at least it's something!  Join AnthroPerks!
  2. Madewell: $25 store credit. Become a Madewell Insider!
  3. Sephora: free gift.  Lately you're able to choose between a cosmetic or skincare gift.  Become a Beauty Insider.
  4. Ulta: this year it's a mini Nars blush!  Create your own Ulta Account!
  5. Jamba Juice: Free juice or smoothie! Sign up for rewards here.
  6. Sugarfina: Get a taster pack when you sign up, and if you spend at least $10, you receive a candy cube!  Join Sugarfina Rewards here.
  7. Pressed Juicery: Get any item for free!  The BEST deal in my opinion is getting a large freeze with all 3 toppings!   Pressed Juicery Membership.
  8. Baskin Robbins: Free scoop of ice cream!  Sign up here.
  9. Starbucks: Free beverage (you must join at least 30 days before your birthday).  Join here.
  10. Tea/Boba Places also have different kinds of reward programs, and many of them are electronic now (yay for not having to keep a bunch of stampcards in my wallet!).  If you sign up you will usually receive a text or email with a free beverage or other special discount for your birthday.

Hope this helps! I didn't mention restaurants, but many give you free dessert, and sometimes a free meal :)  Let me know your favorite places in the comments below!