Bay Area Bake Bosses Event: RECAP!

Last month, I had the amazing opportunity to host an event called: #BayAreaBakeBosses. Since not all of you are from the Bay Area, I thought I would share highlights from the event and go over what we talked about!

why did i create this event?

A couple years ago when I started my own baking business, I reached out to multiple local bakers, asking if they wanted to form a community where we could learn from and grow with each other. I got absolutely ZERO responses. I was in disbelief. Did they not want to share their “secrets”? Did they not want me to steal their clients? Did they believe having a community with “competitors” was unwise?

I felt discouraged, but I learned that I just had to change my perspective, and WHERE I was looking for this community. I knew that if I wanted this, there were many others out there looking for the same exact thing too.

Fast forward to our first Bay Area Bake Bosses event: baking entrepreneurs came to share their journeys, their stories, struggles, and offer not only love and comfort, but tangible advice to their fellow bake bosses. I remember at one point during the event, I was moved to tears because a woman shared how baking became so therapeutic for her that it replaced her medications. Isn’t that AMAZING? It just reminded me that we, as bakers, are CALLED TO CREATE, and there is so much more to our baked goods than satisfying a sweet tooth - we provide joy and full hearts to all those around us.

the foundation/keys of success of your business

When it comes to running a business, I wanted to challenge these bakers to dig deeper, so I discussed what I consider are some of the foundational elements in having a sustainable and thriving business:

purpose: what is your why

Having a business IS NOT about making money. There needs to be an emotional reason, a deeper story behind your business and why you want to serve people through it.

Ideal client

Fully understanding who your ideal/dream client is will save you so much time and energy. Remember that if you’re trying to attract EVERYONE, you’re going to end up attracting NO ONE.


Know your VALUE and your WORTH. Time is money. Don’t compare your pricing with others because everyone is different! We all use different ingredients, have different sets of skills and techniques, and level of experience.


How do you stand out from other bakers in your area? Think beyond what you’re offering and how you can emotionally connect with clients on a deeper level. As Marie Forleo says, “There has never been and never will be another you. You have a purpose - a very special gift that only you can bring to the world.”


Don’t rely solely on social media, but if you do use it, use it with INTENTION. Create before you consume, and avoid comparing yourself with other bakers. Everything you post and talk about should have your ideal client in mind. Don’t get obsessed with numbers though because at the end of the day, likes and follows don’t pay the bills.


Like I said, don’t rely on social media to get all your clients! You don’t own your social media followers, so if Instagram/Facebook crash tomorrow, how will you reach your clients? Websites and email lists allow you to connect with clients in a more personal way. (If you want to check out a video I made on 3 reasons why you need a website, click HERE!)

Let me know what you think of these topics in the comments below! If you want me to go into detail with any or all of them, let me know and I can create a PDF guide for you to print out and work on at home :)

One of my favorite parts of the event was actually the GOODIE BAGS that everyone got! I partnered with Wilton and they provided us with some amazing products listed below:

Flavor Kits

Mini Ornament Cupcake Toppers

Snowman and Frieds Cupcake Liners

Penguin Cupcake Liners

Deluxe Cake Decorating Set

Assorted Sprinkles Tackle Box

Edible Cake Paint Set (This is one of my favorites! You can see how I used this kit in this post HERE!)

I am so excited for my next event, and I hope that I can have one in your area sometime soon :)