How to Get Rid of Airy Buttercream

Picture by  Nicole Ho

Picture by Nicole Ho


One of the most common issues I used to run into when frosting my cakes would be airy buttercream.  It frustrated me because I wanted a completely smooth look, but there were all these little air bubbles dispersed throughout my buttercream.

If you have experienced this too, I've got some tips that will hopefully help!

  1. When whipping your buttercream, always use your paddle attachment because using the whisk will incorporate too much air. At the end, go in with your rubber or silicone spatula and mix by hand, knocking out the air bubbles. You can also use a wooden spoon to do this.

  2. Don't mix at a high speed because this can cause more air to get in. It's better to mix at a lower speed for a longer time.

  3. When using your cake smoother, start by going around your cake very slowly. After each scrape with your cake smoother, remove any excess buttercream, and then start again.

  4. Another tip while frosting with your cake smoother: heat the smoother by placing it in warm water or quickly use a blow torch on it first, and then smooth out your cake. The heat will slightly melt the buttercream and get rid of any lines or air bubbles.

Do you have any other tips?  Leave a comment below!